Blower Airknife Technology

innovative blower airknife
for welding scanners

Make your welding process even more efficient with our new blower airknife technology!

The Tornadoblade® deflects welding spatter as it forms, keeping the space between the optics and the component clean, thus increasing the life of the protective glass whilst reducing compressed air consumption by 98%. In addition, our new technology is virtually maintenance-free.

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compatible with welding scanners from Trumpf, Scanlab and Highyag

  • Tested up to 6 kW laser output (@ 1070nm)
  • Reducing compressed air consumption by 98%
  • Extended lifetime of shield glasses
  • Total electrical power input approx. 4 kW
  • Short amortisation time, almost maintenance-free
  • Optimal component accessibility
  • Improves the weld quality

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