Our laser protective wall

Innovative protective wall system
for laser protective cabins

Our patented llaserwall® product is an innovative material for the manufacture of passiv laser protection walls or complete laser protection cabins for higher laser outputs up to 6 kW.

The material itself is a composite material consisting of several steel walls and extremely strong cross-linked plastic hard foam.

The material is characterised by low grammage, high inherent stiffness and very high resistance to laser radiation (satisfies a permissible exposure limit (PEL) of 3.7 MW/m2 (d86min> 45 mm) according to the current test standard DIN/EN 60 825-4).

The llaserwall® meets these requirements for the wavelength range of 850-1100nm and thus covers diode and solid-state lasers (disk and fibre lasers).

This makes it far superior to all conventional passive protective wall systems currently available on the market. The protective housings designed by us always meet the requirements of laser class 1.

We supply you with this innovative, cost-effective material as sheet material, as a blank or as a complete laser cabin, equipped according to your specification, with or without final assembly. We look forward to your inquiries.


  • Tested up to 6 kW laser output (@ 1070nm)
  • Exceeds all testing standards like DIN EN 60825-4,
    BGV-B2 and TROS laser
  • High inherent stiffness, low weight
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Cost-effective